Dedicated to Tatu Mike

 While writing to right wrongs

I’ve written

Sittin Back, I’ve sat back with my seatback and tray table upright all night

Red eye international flight

Heights I’ve reached high

I’ve said hi to hell low

Action in noun

The verb is to flow

Traveling, I’ve traveled my travels

Revealing what raveling unravels

Self, by myself but stealth

Like wealth in health

Kept creepin with my keep

Keepin on

So long have I longed for belonging

Belonging becomes longing before long.



 The path continues, and our future will come to be defined by past constructions and concepts. Our weapon will be this past. We the constructers of a global community will be known as pirates. No social construct will deter us, no rational argument will derail us, we will be the vanguard in cultural exploration and on the front line of the new cultural divide.

We will emerge from distinct forms of existence and claim the world as our territory. Our flag will fly parallel to the sails that straddle the winds of change.
We will be pirates.

We will break free from pre-installed routines, we will discover new options. We will ask of ourselves what to do. We will be pirates.

Whether alone or in groups we will navigate the terms of self sufficiency, we will stand perched on the starboard side of change. We will not stop until our dreams is as real as solid land upon the horizon. We will be pirates.

We will take freely and drink deeply of cultures past. We shall stand upon the strengths of cultures lost. We shall discard the garbage of culture present. The future will be ours and we will be pirates.

We will dissect the ingredients of identity. We will watch as boarders crumble and walls fall. We will walk upon this earth as nomads, we will write upon the page as soldiers, and we will topple the regimes as boulders. we will be pirates.

We will fight, we will not fight for any government, our cannons will not fire for any nation, we will fight for ourselves to be ourselves. we will be pirates.

We shall rob of your lies for truth, we will burn down your structures of hate, and we will loot your past for our future, we will be pirates



 I have known no truce with difference, found no ally of likeness.
I have found my battle in transformation, only ever known the path of change.
I walk my way alone, geographically know no home, never granted rest from roam.
My feet know not of culture, my eyes have seen no mirror.
My truth knows not of proof, my dissent..lies not in fear.
I gather only what I see, forever a pirate I will be.
I have raised my sails, my ships at sea… no port lays claim to me.



Writing isn’t about pleasing someone else.
Writing is about fulfilling one’s own needs, by reciting one’s own doubts.
Words are not the lifeblood of a writer spilled upon the page
Writing is the wound
Writing is the soul escaping through the flesh
Writing is pain, writing is sorrow
Writing is today without the hope of tomorrow.
Writing is the reflection
Writing is projection
Writing sets the mind free, aside from the bodies rejection.
Writing is the execution of the mind
Writing is the dissolution we find
writing is the only thing that’s mine.



Nobody Feels Me.
Everybody Chill, Breathe, Listen, Because Life is Darkness.
Be Happy!

I Totally Love Myself,
But You Are Hate Sick.

Stay, Talk
Feel Everything Without Want.
Today I Am A Damaged Tomorrow.
Know Life,
Give Nothing To Doubt.



Knowledge is power, power is responsibility,
interest is politics, and politics is the responsibility
of the power of knowledge used to secure interests.



To Relax in the Realms of Silence.Quietly Renew the Realization.Power through Word Invoked.Only through SilenceUnderstood.To Renew the Importance of Silence is to Reevaluate the Value of the Word.But…To Reevaluate the Value of Words in Silence Is…POWER



1. The beauty of women is what drives me to drink
2. The beauty of the bottle is what inspires me to think
3. The beauty of thought is why the first thing I forgot